We Feel and Then We Do


We’ve all seen it…the movie or tv show where the main characters are hanging out together and 2 seconds later they’re having passionate sex…10 hours later they wake up in bed together, stare at the ceiling and freak out because one or both of them is married.

If this is happening to you in real life, you need to get some self-control and fast…or counseling. It is not that hard to refuse sex.

In ancient Israel, they had high priests who were essentially the conscience of the nation. They were the most influential members of society and what some might call the moral compass of the culture. If the high priests fell into sin, they would take the people with them. If they were godly, the people would usually follow them in that as well.

It has been said that artists are the high priests of our society and more specifically, filmmakers. Hollywood both manifests and influences our society. They decide what people believe is normal and right without the people even realizing that their worldview is being subtly affected.

The high priests of our society think that sex is something that controls us rather than something that we control and use….and our society is rampant with adultery and rape. We don’t control ourselves, we just feel and then we do. Brock Turner felt and then he did and the media crucified him for that…rightfully so. But I think we need to realize that he is only a product of the culture that we have created and we need to change that culture. We need to teach our children that what they see on TV is not the way life actually works or should work. That it is not ok to allow ourselves to be controlled by our lusts and impulses. Perhaps, we will keep our sons and daughters from becoming the next main character in a Nicholas Sparks novel…minus the happy ending.