Millenials Are Entitled, Trump is Racist and Michelle Obama Is A Man


Recently my little brother informed me that our First Lady is, in fact, a man. He adamantly insisted that such was the case and even showed me a slideshow of various photos pointing out her broad shoulders, “Adam’s apple”, shapewear and even a bulge underneath her dress!

I was also informed today, by the internet, that Donald Trump is a racist and minority groups should be terrified that he is now our President-elect.

I am informed almost every day, usually by Baby Boomers or Gen X, that Millennials are entitled, lazy brats who are accustomed to having trophies dropped from the sky.

We are living in the era of sheeple. The American people as a whole think that they can think for themselves, that they make well-thought out decisions, but we don’t. We look at doctored evidence and we think it’s solid proof. We hear someone say that someone else said such and such and we build our entire political worldview around that.

Adolf Hitler once stated that if you tell people a lie long enough, eventually they will believe it. We have been told the same lies over and over again for so many years that we believe them. We are slaves to the media and we believe whatever they tell us so long as enough of them are saying the same thing.

My little brother is 14 years old. He is all passion but has not yet learned that just because something seems to be true, does not mean it actually is true. He has not seen enough of the world yet to know any better. American adults have.

We should be able to discern between truth and lies. We should know that you have to thoroughly search out a matter before you start rioting in the streets. We have become all passion and no brains. Someone tells us that the rich, white guy who we don’t like anyway is a racist and hates immigrants and instead of looking to see if it’s actually true, we believe it…because we want to believe it. Someone tells us Millennials are lazy and entitled and instead of thinking about all the Millennials we ourselves know and work alongside, instead of looking at the facts and demanding real life examples outside of the rare few that get showcased on news outlets, we jump on the bandwagon.

From where I’m sitting, it looks as ludicrous and immature as believing that our First Lady is a man because she is strong and has broad shoulders.




One thought on “Millenials Are Entitled, Trump is Racist and Michelle Obama Is A Man

  1. wedgewrites

    It’s disturbing to see so many people form an opinion on scant evidence and then never give it another thought even when evidence to the contrary is right in front of them.


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