Standing Rock


As I’ve been following the story of Standing Rock and the Dakota Access Pipeline, this is the song that’s going around and around in my head.


My Why

My Why. I didn’t put that much thought into enrolling with Young Living Essential Oils. I was desperate for something to help with hormonal imbalance, I was trying to fall out of love and floundering a little with school finished, relationship ended and nothing planned for the future. I was interested in natural health and I needed a way to make a living. It was pretty simple and a no brainer when I first tried the oils for hormone support.
As the years have gone by, I’m still working on my Why, still asking myself over and over again, Why am I doing this? Is this really what I want? Should I quit and go in a completely different direction? With all my thoughts and interests, what IS the best way to make use of what I’ve been given?
I have always been a little more in tune with the people around me than they were with each other, I feel deeply, care far too much and I am attracted to broken people. I despise injustice and desire for everything and everyone to be right. Hence I have many interests including politics in various forms, religion, science, health, anything that either explains why people do the things they do or that affects those people.
I love to be on the frontlines and yet also on the sidelines, the driving force getting it done. I love to write and I write best when I write what I know with a passion that can only be born out of first-hand experience and true conviction.
I need to travel, see history and current events and people for myself and I need to write. I have a message to share and I want to be able to do that without getting distracted by where my next meal is coming from or being tied down to a job. This is my why. I love teaching and sharing better health and abundance and I love that doing that will allow me to do what I really want to do. That is my why.