Third Thursday in the Ozarks


Third Thursday was originally called the Artwalk. It was sponsored by Joplin’s artists and local businesses would display various forms of art in their buildings. It was awesome!

It was so awesome that everyone wanted in on it and people started setting up booths on the sidewalks. It didn’t take long before Joplin’s Main street was blocked off for a few hours each month.

Now it’s a small festival in Joplin with everything from shaved ice and balloons to car showings and art. We love it and it is SO much better without the heavy metal band!

I walked up at the end of the martial arts match, so all I got was the back of the girl’s t-shirt. That brown dress is made entirely of brown paper and the Tobacco Man entirely out of empty tobacco packages.

I bought some Miracle Clay from a friend of mine at the gypsy booth. It’s basically bentonite clay with essential oils added. I LOVE bentonite clay! Get some for yourself! Redmond is a very good brand, or if you live in the Joplin area, get some from the Traveling Gypsies on Third Thursday!



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